Competitive Advantage with Senior Experts

We make local expertise globally accessible is a service to connect experienced business professionals and companies that want to utilise their expertise on project basis or more permanently. We welcome professionals & companies from international backgrounds, but can currently offer self registration only in Finnish. Contact us if you are interested.

What kind of opportunities are available for working as a senior expert in different life & work situations or during retirement? How might we as a company utilise the experience and skills of senior experts to improve our business?

Retirement is the biggest moment of change during career. Many senior experts would like to continue working and using their expertise even after retirement. Some senior experts face difficulties at getting employed on permanent basis, even if they would still have a lot to give. On the other hand, small companies often have needs for various kinds of expertise, but cannot hire new employees in the current situation. is a continuously evolving service meant to connect senior experts to potential employers with needs for expertise.

With employers can find senior experts to support their business development needs, either on project basis or more permanently, which ever suits both parties. -experts don’t just join to give advise, but actually get things done and work together with the employer companies.

For senior experts provides information about working and opportunities to share their valuable expertise for companies that need support, in a way that fits the individual life & work situation.

At the moment we are executing a Proof of Concept phase in Finland and most of our content, including profile creation for employers and experts is currently available only in Finnish. If you are interested please contact Antti: antti (a)